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On Board Couriers - Personal deliveries

This courier company is no ordinary one. It's specialised - A 100% on-board courier company. To take your shipment as hand-carry shipment wherever in the world. Protected, personal, one direct route. To be honest, there is a price tag, but we guess you know it's worth it. Just give us a call to explain th possibilities for your personal air courier.

Het koeriersbedrijf OBC team (Amsterdam) is 100% gespecialiseerd in internationale hand-carry zendingen. Uw pakket wordt aan boord van het vliegtuig in persoonlijke bagage vervoerd door een on-board courier. Vanuit Nederland, maar ook vanuit andere landen. Lees meer bij werkwijze...


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Is uw zending echt belangrijk? Vraag OBC team naar mogelijkheden en prijzen, vrijblijvend!

Are your in need of an on-board courier for your hand-carry shipment? Just contact OBC team for possibilities and quotation, no cost, of course!


Telefoon (+31)20 419 5500 (24/7)

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Of course you want to know more about what we can do. Just gives a call and we'll tell you what we can do. Of what we cannot do. Or refer you to our distinguished partners. Briefly, but ever expanding, our possiblities: We are based in Amsterdam (AMS), most couriers are stationed here (around 80), but we have staff in China, USA, UK, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and more. We can go to Europe, North- and South America, Asia, Africa, Oceania. Some countries are difficult visawise, but we can handle Russia, Kazachstan, Belarus, China, India, Nigeria, Angola, Vietnam, Cuba, Iran and many, many more. Just drop us a line. And we're just a phone call away.

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